Gay-themed Boutique
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PHAG, Philadelphia Home Art Garden is your exclusive
resource for unique decor, furnishings, artwork, specialty
gifts, and furniture.  Our unique, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
specialty shop has the furnishings and specialty gifts you
desire for your garden or work space.  If it's garden decor
you're seeking, our shop will turn your landscape into
artwork in Pennsylvania, and around the country.
While this
gay-owned shop has
a number of gay
shoppers, their
appeals to people
from all walks of
life.  Being gay is no
longer required to
be a PHAG lover!  
Shopping selections
range from the
oh-so-gay to those
served straight, but
with a twist.  Gay or
straight you can't
debate, the PHAG
shop is a must-see
for everyone!
The Only Thing Discriminating Here is Taste!
What's with the name?

Phonetically, a version of our name is used in some parts of the world to
reference a cigarette, and in the minds of many, it is a slang term
referencing homosexuals.  Our use of the
PHAG acronym stems from a
less-known origin, the urban dictionary.

phag (noun).  An individual who proudly thrives to thwart oppression       
and negative stereotypes.

Through our merchandising and service to our community, we proudly
extend our positive interpretation of this term beyond the confines
of our business, into the lives and homes of our customers,
from all walks
of life
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