The PHAG Party is a revival of the old-fashioned Tupperware
Party.  You can choose a party theme (e.g. Happy Hour,
Kitchen Kitsch, Garden Guru), or just have us bring an
assortment of our best-selling items.  Any way you choose to
do it, it’s sure to be a
phun time for all!

We offer a full range of unique home décor, furniture, and
accessories, as well as gifts and novelty items that are as
unique and impressive as you.  All parties include special one-
night-only product deals and packages, games with PHAG
bucks as prizes, and, best of all, you receive
incentives and exclusive buys
hosting the party!

Currently, PHAG parties are only
available to businesses and residents
in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey,
New York, and Pennsylvania.
To learn more about hosting a
PHAG party in your home or business,
click the
Hosting Info link or e-mail us
phagparty at thephagshop dot com.
The Only Thing Discriminating Here is Taste!
Announcing. . . the PHAG party!

Our home demonstrations group will allow you to have friends
over to socialize, host a memorable party, and re-decorate
your home, all at the same time.

That’s right; PHAG home parties now bring the
on-line experience
home to you!
If you are a business organization or NFP, ask our coordinators about using a PHAG party
for your next