Getting married?  Moving into your first home?  Whatever the occasion, PHAG will
help you make the most of your BIG event with a customized on-line registry.  
Simply complete and submit the form below and you'll be on your way. . .
To get started, list your top five items.  Once your custom registry form is
received, you will be contacted directly by a PHAG team member to complete
the product selection process.  We can even add custom items for your
registry that aren't part of PHAGs public shopping website!

Once complete, you will have a custom wedding registry site just for your
event!  We will supply a private link for you to share with your event guests,
and the shopping can commence.
The Only Thing Discriminating Here is Taste!
The Only Thing Discriminating Here is Taste!
Philadelphia-area couples may
also take adavantage of our
wedding registry partnership
Registry10 by clicking the
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